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The City of Quesnel has taken the principles of sustainability to heart. The formation of the Sustainability Task Force is a good first step. There's also a corporate working group, our Team, that is examining all facets of the City to find ways we can be more sustainable as a local government.

Environmental initiatives

2014 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report
Corporate Carbon Neutrality Progress: Public Report for 2014

2013 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report

2012 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report

2011 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report

2010 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report

Trail development

There's an ongoing commitment to the development of cycling and pedestrian trails. Recent developments include:

  • The Bryce Road Trail
  • The Highway 97 Underpass
  • Valhalla Road trail expansion
  • Signage improvements

Recycling and composting

The City encourages recycling at its main landfill site as well as at its three satellite depots. Recent and ongoing initiatives include:

  • The opening of the South Quesnel Recycling transfer station.
  • The development of a new yard and garden waste drop-off at the landfill
  • A ban on placing cardboard in the landfill.
  • Using wood grindings as cover for landfill operations

Economic initiatives

Quesnel Works - Capital Reinvestment Program

The City has a plan to ensure that enough funding is in place for the timely and orderly replacement of infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks. A special reserve fund has been set up - funds deposited here are used only on infrastructure reinvestment.

Governance initiatives

Sustainability Task Force

The City is moving towards more intensive community sustainability planning. City Council recently approved the formation of a sustainability Task Force to provide advice on how to make Quesnel more sustainable over the long term.

Housing Needs

The City recently completed two reports related to affordable housing.

Secondary Suites Survey report

Affordable Housing Needs Assessment


ourQuesnel Strategy Areas

Arts IconArts, Culture, Recreation, and Leisure

Building IconBuildings and Sites

Communications IconCommunications and Connectivity Infrastructure

Economy IconEconomy, Work, Education and Skills Training

EcosystemsEcosystems, Natural Areas and Parks

EnergyEnergy, Water, Resources and Waste


Housing IconmHousing and Land Use

Social IconSocial and Community Well-being

Transportation IconTransportation and Mobility


What is the Community doing?

What is the Task Force doing?

What is the City doing?

Estimate your personal greenhouse gas emissions

Get Power Smart!

Let the sun shine in

Take the bus


Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan - Map

Consolidated Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw - Map


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