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About the City's Utilities Department

The Utilities Department is responsible for the water, sewer and storm systems in Quesnel. This department also manages the installation and maintenance of the City's fire hydrants.

The utilities infrastructure consists of the following:

Water Services (number of)

  • 41 industrial
  • 409 commercial
  • 3,040 residential
  • 551 hydrants
  • six reservoirs
  • six wells that can provide approximately 15,900 litres (3,500 Imperial Gallons) per minute

For the most recent water system map, click here.

For the latest utility rates, download the City's Master Fee Bylaw.

Bulk Water

Anyone hauling City water in volumes greater than 18 litres must use the new bulk water distribution plant. The plant is located in the Hwy 97 cloverleaf near the turnoff to the municipal landfill.

Water haulers must pay for their water in advance at City Hall during regular business hours.

The cost for water at the station is $5.62 per cubic m (1 m3 = 1,000 litres)

For more information on Bulk Water, click here.

Leak Detection

City crews are performing a leak detection and repair program in the Uplands and West Quesnel Land Stability study area. This involves locating all hydrants, water main valves and curb-stops.

Some curb stops have been paved over or landscaped over without the City's knowledge. These must be located and extended to the surface where possible. There may also be water system shutdowns for short periods of time.

The leak detection program is a critical part of the West Quesnel Land Stability Program. By keeping water out of the ground, the City can reduce the groundwater levels and pressures that are causing the movement. For more information on the West Quesnel Land Stability Program, click here. (link to WQLS pages)

The City thanks residents for their patience as this critical survey and repair work is done.

Chemical Analysis and Test Results

Water testing is done weekly for total Coliform and Ecoli. The City has 16 testing sites in  the distribution system throughout the city:
Bulk Water Distribution station
Mills Road
Graham Avenue
West Fraser Road
Pederson Road
Carson Pit Road
Dennis Road
Carradice Road
Dixon Street
Nason Street
North Star Road (2 sites)
Chew Road
Marsh Drive
Walkem Street

Samples are taken on a rotational basis each week and sent to the lab for testing.

Results are received, recorded and archived. Should a sample not meet the guidelines for the Canadian Drinking Water Quality, we are required to meet compliance by the following possible means, including:
- Boil Water Advisory
- Flushing of Water Main in affected area
- Re-Testing

To view the latest Drinking Water annual report, click here.


Public Works Department - General Office
250.992.6330 (t)
250.992.5107 (f)


21 Johnston Bridge Loop
Quesnel, BC V2J 0A9

Business Hours

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)


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