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The Uplands area of West Quesnel is experiencing impacts from ongoing ground movement. This movement has been occurring over a long period of time and is very slow, about 2 to 7 centimetres per year. The effects on buildings and civic infrastructure vary with location but can be significant.

The City of Quesnel is committed to a major initiative to develop and implement measures to reduce the movement to manageable levels and has given its highest priority to the West Quesnel Land Stability Program.

In 2006, 2009, and 2015 the Province of BC committed significant financial contribution to the West Quesnel Land Stability Program. In 2009 and 2015 the federal government committed significant financial contribution to the West Quesnel Land Stability Program.

A number of technologies have been used to gain an understanding of what is happening, determine the cause and establish what needs to be done to stabilize the area.

The area of West Quesnel impacted by the ground movement includes an attractive, established residential community. About 940 parcels of land, 750 homes one elementary school and several businesses are included in the study area.

The area is served by the usual municipal, energy and communications infrastructure, including water, sanitary sewer, paved streets, natural gas, electricity, telecommunications and cablevision services.

There is good proximity to shopping and recreation services, a high number of view properties and very good local air quality.

The total value of the land, improvements, services and infrastructure in the West Quesnel study area exceeds $100 million. West Quesnel is important to the economic and social viability of the City of Quesnel and is home to almost 25% of the City’s population.


West Quesnel residents and property owners are urged to submit information to the City regarding their observations of any evidence of land slippage on or near their property. It is also important for you to report if you HAVE NOT seen any effects or damage.

Reporting damage will help the City in its work towards a resolution to the land slippage issue. If you haven’t reported a problem to us yet, now is a great time.

Download the survey (55 kb Microsoft Word doc)

You can e-mail it to: cityhall@quesnel.ca









Land Stability Study Area Map

Building in West Quesnel

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