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The Subdivision Approving Officer reviews all subdivision applications to ensure compliance with the Provincial Land Title Act and the City’s Official Community Plan. Subdivision includes the creation of several properties from one or more existing properties, the realignment of existing property lines and the consolidation of two or more properties into one.

The Local Government Act, Land Title Act and the City of Quesnel’s Subdivision Control Bylaw and Consolidated Zoning Bylaw regulate the subdivision of land.

The Approving Officer ensures that each subdivision adheres to the lot size and road frontage requirements of the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Control Bylaw to ensure appropriate access and road dedications; park/open space; works and services such as roads, water, storm and sanitary sewer, flood protection, etc. The Approving Officer is also charged with protecting, where appropriate, natural features, views and the future development potential of adjacent parcels.

See Development Review Information for more information regarding this process.

Prior to submitting a Preliminary Letter of Review Application, you are encouraged to prepare a preliminary plan and have it reviewed by City staff at a pre-application meeting. Basic information required to provide a preliminary review would include the address or legal description of the property and a sketch plan showing how you propose to subdivide the lands and what you intend to do with any buildings on the property.

Subdivision Application and Checklist

Disclaimer: Submission of application is not permission. Do not proceed until authorization is formally given.

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