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2016 Façade Grant Application

Attention Business/Non-Profit Organizations! Apply for a Façade Grant Today!

The 2015 Business Façade Improvement Program has been a success! Façade improvement projects in Development Permit Areas of the City (see map below) may be eligible for 50% reimbursement of the project cost, up to a maximum of $5,000 per project. The deadline to have projects completed is December 1, 2016. Façade applications should be submitted a few months prior to this deadline as the application will require review and may require permits for building and/or development. Any projects completed after the deadline will not be eligible for the grant. To apply, please complete the application form below and contact the City Planner, Urszula Walus at uwalus@quesnel.ca or call 250-992-2111 to discuss your project.

Apply for funding as soon as possible as funds are limited!

Map of Proposed Eligible Properties

2016 Facade Improvement Program Guidelines

2016 Façade Grant Application

2016 Fact Sheet


Under provisions in the Local Government Act, a municipality may designate Development Permit Areas in its Official Community Plan for specific purposes. The Development Permit process controls the form and character of development (exterior design, landscaping, siting, and building finishes) and can allow certain regulations in the Zoning Bylaw to be varied or supplemented to bring a proposal in line with the Development Permit Guidelines in the Official Community Plan.

When preparing your application, you should ensure that your plans are consistent with the City’s Official Community Plan objectives and Development Permit Guidelines. Generally, the more your proposal conforms to these objectives and guidelines, the less time it takes to process and the greater the chance of it being approved by Council without amendments.

Development Permit Application & Checklist

Design Guidelines for Downtown Core Development Permit Area

Development Permit Area Map (schedule F8)

Screening and Landscaping Requirements

Parking Requirements


Options exist for minor variances for development that does not meet certain zoning requirements (such as siting and size). However, regulations for use, density and maximum lot coverage cannot be ‘varied’ through a development variance permit. A board of variance appeal is another avenue for minor variances meeting specific conditions. You are encouraged to contact the department to discuss the available options and requirements prior to submitting a development variance permit application or a Board of Variance application.

Development Variances Permit and Checklist

Board of Variance Application

Other relevant information and requirements can be found in the Consolidated Zoning Bylaw, Official Community Plan, Development Cost Charge Bylaw, and Sign Bylaw.

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