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This Data is supplied on an "as is, where is" basis. The City assumes no obligation or liability and makes no representations or promises regarding data completeness or accuracy.

Street maps

City of Quesnel Street Map
A look at the City of Quesnel, its boundaries and major streets. This grid map makes finding streets even easier.

Paving Program
This map shows the roads and paving projects dating back to the 1960s.

Trail System
A map of Quesnel's renowned trail system, including the Riverfront Trail system

Infrastructure maps

Water Mains
This map is a look at the City's water main network, including general information regarding when they were installed.

Sanitary Sewer mains
This map details the City's sanitary sewer mains, and includes general information regarding their installation date.

Storm drain mains
This map details the mains that take care of storm water, as well as their year of construction.

Cemetery maps

To view a map of the cemetery,

click here.

To view a photo map of the cemetery,

click here.

(Please note: These maps are updated quarterly. Some plots that show as available may no longer be so.)

OCP/Zoning maps

Official Community Plan - large file
Official Community Plan - 11x17
A graphical representation of the City's Official Community plan and amendments.
- with amendments to August 2012

Schedule C - Road Network
Schedule D - Infrastructure
Schedule F1 - Multi-Family
Schedule F2 - Downtown Development
Schedule F3 - West Quesnel
Schedule F4 - Highway Frontage
Schedule F5 - Residential-Commercial Transition
Schedule F6 - Water Corridor
Schedule F7 - South Quesnel Highway Commercial

Zoning Bylaw - large file
Consolidated Zoning Bylaw 1662

West Quesnel Land Stability Study Area
This map details the street names and addresses in the study area.

Sensitive Building Areas
Areas that are within the 200-year floodplain and/or require a Geotechnical Report and Professional Foundation Design


Tanya Turner, Director of Development Services
Direct: 250-991-7463
Fax: 250-992-1512

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