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A permit is not required to build a fence (with the exception of swimming pool fences), or retaining wall under four feet tall in most residential areas. You must, however, adhere to zoning bylaw requirements for height and visual clearances (see link below).

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are inside your property lines. If you need assistance finding your property lines, contact a certified surveyor.

If you are in a Development Permit area, please contact the Planning Department prior to constructing, removing or changing a fence.

See the Fencing section from the Zoning Bylaw for information regarding fencing height and visual clearances. Contact the Planning Department for more information.

Retaining walls over four feet in height and fences for swimming pools require a building permit.

A swimming pool is defined in the building bylaw as “a structure capable of being filled with water, used or intended to be used for swimming, bathing or wading and having a surface area exceeding fourteen (14) square meters or a depth of more than 0.6 meters, but does not include a hot tub which is equipped with a rigid removable cover.”

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