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House Numbering

Displaying your house number prominently and accurately is critically important. In the case of a fire, medical emergency or other scenario during which emergency personnel need to find your home in a hurry, every second counts. A properly displayed house number can provide those valuable seconds.

A house number also helps you provide directions to visitors and make postal and delivery services run smoothly.

To ensure visibility of your house number, the City of Quesnel suggests that numbers be 3" to 5" high, located at least four feet off the ground and well clear of the path of snow clearing equipment.

A house number is issued based on the location of a home on a property. To issue a house number, we need to know how many feet or meters the home is or will be from the front lot line and how many feet or meters the home is or will be from one of the side lot lines. Based on this information and your driveway’s location, a house number/road name can be issued.

House numbers and road names are used to identify homes and businesses for Emergency 9-1-1 service and are not assigned for vacant lots.

Every home and business should be assigned a number. If you do not have a number, or would like to confirm what your number is, please call the City’s Development Services department at 250-992.2111.

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